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Combination with alcohol and medicines can be harmful. Alcohol, like some medicine, will make you to sleepy, dozy, or faint.
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List of best hospitals in the world

A hospital, in the modern sense of the word, is an institution for health care providing patient treatment by specialized staff and equipment.Today, hospitals are usually funded by the public sectors by health organizations.In modern-day hospitals are largely staffed by professional physicians, surgeons.We can list out the Best Hospitals in the world

Name - Bumrungrad International Hospital
Country - Thailand

Description - Bumrungrad International Hospital is a multiple-specialty medical center More frequently referred to as Bumrungrad Hospital or simply Bumrungrad, its name, "Bumrungrad means "care for the people". More...

Name - Parkway Health Care
Country - Singapore

Description - Parkway is a leading healthcare group based in Singapore, operating 16 hospitals with more than 3,400 beds in Asia, as well as patient assistance centres throughout the world. It has an extensive network across Asia, Europe and the Middle East with ParkwayHealth Patient Assistance Centres (PPAC) in Bangladesh. More...

Name - Matilda Hospital
Country - Hong Kong

Description - Matilda Hospital was built as a result of the last will and testament of Granville Sharp, the husband of Matilda Lincolne Sharp.Originally from the UK, the couple travelled a long way, encountering many adventures along their way, before arriving in Hong Kong. More...

Name - Wales Hospital
Country - Australia

Description - The Prince of Wales Hospital is a major public teaching hospital,providing a full range of hospital services to the people of New South Wales, Australia. The hospital has strong ties to the University of New South Wales. More...

Name - Centro Médico ABC Hospital
Country - Mexico

Description - The ABC Medical Center is a Private Assistance Institution (IAP) dedicated to excellence in health promotion, restoration and preservation. More...

Name - Hospital Punta Pacifica
Country - Panama

Description - In 1999, the challenging and optimistic idea for the creation of a new hospital, arose from recognized physicians, who added to the team prominent Panamanian entrepreneurs, eager to provide a high category hospital to the population. More...

Name - The London Clinic
Country - United Kingdom

Description - It was established by a group of Harley Street doctors, originally with the intention of providing inpatient facilities, nursing care, pathology services, physiotherapy and invasive procedures for their patients. More...

Name - Klinik Hirslanden
Country - Switzerland

Description - Klinik Hirslanden was excellent healthcare system with a high level of provider quality and a high level of satisfaction among the population. More...

Name - The American Hospital
Country - France

Description - The Hospital has an extensive Ancillary Services Department, equipped with the latest diagnostic and treatment material. The Outpatient Consultation Department's 150 physicians cover every major medical and surgical specialty. More...

Name - Vienna Hospital
Country - Austria

Description - The Vienna General Hospital is the University medical center of the city of Vienna, Austria. The AKH is the largest hospital of Austria and Europe, the second largest hospital in the world, and at 85-m high is one of the tallest hospital buildings in the world. More...

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