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Types Of Brain Tumor

There are more than 120 kinds of brain tumors. Today, most medical institutions use the World Health Organization (WHO) classification system to identify brain tumors. The WHO classifies brain tumors by cell origin and how the cells behave, from the least aggressive (benign) to the most aggressive (malignant). Some tumor types are assigned a grade, ranging from Grade I (least malignant) to Grade IV (most malignant), which indicates the rate of growth. There is difference in grading systems, depending on the tumor type. The classification and grade of an individual tumor help predict its likely behavior. This section describes the most frequently diagnosed types.

Some of the Brain Tumor Tyes given Below With More Information

»    Ependymoma

»    Mixed Glioma

»    Subependymoma

These types of Brain Tumors are more commonly affected to children than adults: