Health care tips  List of living celebrity drug users

List of living celebrity drug users

Drugs are the part and parcel in celebrity life style. There are very few celebrities who do not consume drugs. Prescribed drugs are generally advisable yet over dosage of these drugs would have adverse side effects and even proved fatal in few cases. Though dozens of acts against drugs are raised by law, the intake of drugs has been increasing with population growth. Celebrities are the main victims to these drugs. Let us see the list of celebrities who use drugs frequently.

Eddie Van Halen - Alcohol, Cocaine, Meth
Yasmine Bleeth - Alcohol, Heroin, Marijuana, Vicodin
Kate Moss - Cocaine
Gary Busey - Alcohol, Cocaine, GHB
Nick Nolte - Alcohol, GHB
Courtney Love - Heroin, Oxycontin
Drew Barrymore - Alcohol, Cocaine, Marijuanan
Whitney Houston - Cocaine, Marijuana
Robert Downey Jr - Alcohol , Cocaine, Heroin, Valium