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Cost of Laser Hair Removal

laser hair cost

The cost for getting hair removed during laser can be a major consideration when deciding whether to undergo the procedure if you would like actual prices of laser hair removal scroll down to the bottom of this article for laser hair removal prices that we have obtained by surveying UK clinics.

Why does the cost of laser hair removal vary so much?

Costs depend on many factors like the kind of laser to be use, body geography, and the amount of hair growth in question costs can as well be based on the time taken for various sessions, which body area is being treated, and what payment package you choose.

Discounts for laser hair removal

You may get some discounts if you pay in advance so it is in your interest toward investigate the options available in your area, before deciding on a particular clinic.

Laser hair removal costs vary between individuals

The cost of laser hair removal tends to vary a great deal between different persons. Patterns of hair growth are different so the cost of laser hair removal and the results obtained are also likely to be tailored to your needs many clinics ask you to move toward in used for a consultation before quoting a price for laser hair removal.

Back hair among some males might grow evenly and densely with thick shafts of hair some women may have facial hair so as to is noticeable only when the hair is dark and thick. Light or fine facial hair might not be noticeable for some women. Some women might have facial hair caused by hormones.

  • Upper Lip : 45.00 - 55.00
  • Chin : 45.00 - 55.00
  • Full Face : 95.00 - 140.00
  • Upper Eyebrows : 40.00 - 60.00
  • Chest : 70.00 - 140.00
  • Abdomen : 70.00 - 140.00
  • Full Back : 160.00 - 220.00
  • Shoulders : 60.00 - 130.00
  • Hands or Feet : 30.00 - 55.00
  • Full Arms : 140.50 - 220.00
  • Full Legs : 175.00 - 320.00