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Health care tips   List of world worst DiseasesThe Black Death

Worst Disease : 10
Name of Disease : The Black Death
Most Affected Country : Europe
Rates Of Affected : above 20 million
Originated country : China
Originated Year : 1346
Recognized by : London
Recognized Year : 1665–1666
Symptoms : look of buboes in the groin, the neck and armpits, which oozed pus and bled when opened.
Prevention : Once away from all human contact, wash in hot water, change into your clean clothes, and burn the clothes you travel in.
Treatment : Lancing the buboes and apply a warm poultice of butter, onion and garlic. Various further remedies were tried including arsenic, lily root and even dried toad
Description :

The Black Death was leading deadliest pandemics. It was characterize by painful swelling in the lymph nodes known as buboes so it was usually considered to be an outbreak of the bubonic plague. It was caused by the organism, Yersinia pestis which was approved about from the bodies of black rats by fleas. Victims of the disease were enclosed with dark blotches due to damage to the original skin and tissue.

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