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Health Care in Romania

   Medical Universities

  • "Victor Babes" University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Timisoara
  • "Carol Davila" University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Bucuresti
  • "Grigore T. Popa" University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Iasi
  • "Iuliu Hatieganu" University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Cluj-Napoca
  • "Ovidius" University Of Medicine Of Constanta
  • "Lucian Blaga" University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Sibiu
  • University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Craiova
  • University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Tārgu Mures
  • University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Oradea
  • Transilvania University Of Medicine Of Brasov
  • "Vasile Goldis" The Vest University Of Arad

   Medical Organizations

  • Romanian Medical Association
  • Romanian Society Of Cardiology
  • Romanian Society Of Microbiology
  • Romanian Society Of Pneumology
  • Romanian Society Of Dermatology
  • Romanian Society Of Family Medicine
  • Romanian Society Of Internal Medicine
  • Romanian Society Of Anesthesia & Intensive Care
  • Romanian Society Of Neurosurgery
  • Romanian Society Of Plastic Surgery
  • Romanian Endocrine Society
  • Romanian Legal Medicine Society
  • Romanian Psychoneuroendocrine Society
  • Romanian Association For Endoscopic Surgery
  • Romanian Association Of Urology
  • "Cantacuzino" National Institute Of Research And Development For Microbiology And Immunology
  • National Union Of Dentistry Associations
  • National Neurosciences Society Of Romania
  • "Romtransplant" Professional Association Of Romanian Transplantologists




  • "Sfantul Ioan" Hospital Bucharest
  • Unversitary Hospital Bucharest
  • Military Hospital Bucharest
  • Floreasca Emergency Hospital
  • "V. Babes" Hospital Bucharest
  • Sfanta Maria Hospital Bucharest.
  • "Sfantul Spiridon" Hospital Iasi;
  • Craiova District Hospital;
  • Timisoara District Hospital
  • Targu Mures District Hospital

Modern health care systems are improving in Romania since the fall of the Ceausescu regime in 1989.

   Health Care Problems in Romania

    Pediatric AIDS in Romania

Romania has one of the highest pediatric AIDS rates in Europe. During the 1980s, the Ceausescu regime pushed to raise the nation's birthrate. As a result, a high number of children were unwanted or placed in orphanages by mothers' unable to care for the infants. At the same time, the Ceausescu regime denied the danger that AIDS posed to Romanians. Not only were devises designed for the prevention of the spread of disease outlawed, but the nation's blood supply also went unchecked. A common means for treating sickly new born infants was the practice of Micro-Transfusions[1], which placed HIV tainted blood into the infants. When the Ceausescu regime collapsed, western news reports show infected orphan's wasting in filth and squallier. While Romania feels that it has conquered this issue of pediatric AIDS through medicine treatments, the World Health Organization still rates the nations infection rate at higher than usual levels.