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Biobloc is a type of orthodontic appliance used to posture forward the lower jaw. There are many other types of appliances such as Twin blocs, Frankels, Bionators, Twin force bite correcters, class II elastics and others, which attempt to do the same thing. The difference is that the other appliances exert a backward force or headgear effect on the growing maxilla. The result is an increase in the overall length of the front teeth and restriction of maxillary forward growth. The Biobloc accomplishes forward positioning without these side effects by the use of flanges which do not touch the persons tissue unless they posture their lower jaw open or back. The Biobloc is best used during the mixed dentition when growth is still available. It can be used with any dental class and by combining it with a technique that includes extraction of the primary C D and E teeth can even close the bite in a way that only surgery could do for an adult.


Biobloc was first used by Dr. John Mew. His research into the subject revealed that the position of the jaw is influenced by tropic factors. Using proper posture of the mandible could guide the jaws to grow their proper form. Further, tropic factors are the cause of malocclusion.