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Disease Name:Ataxia
Alternate Names:-
Virus Name:Ataxia may have numerous causes, including multiple scleroses, a head injury, alcohol abuse, stroke, cerebral palsy, a faulty gene, or a tumor.
Treatment:There is no specific treatment for ataxia, although the conseuqent disability may also be reduced by physical therapy, including exercises, along with leg braces or shoe splints, if foot alignment has been affected, a cane or walker is often used in the effort to prevent falls. Severe cases may need the use of a wheelchair.
Description:Ataxia is a neurological sign and symptom consisting of gross lack of coordination of muscle movements. Ataxia is a non-specific clinical manifestation implying dysfunction of parts of the nervous system that organize movement, such as the cerebellum. Several possible causes exist for these patterns of neurological dysfunction. The term "dystaxia" is rarely used as a synonym. The International Ataxia Awareness Day is observed on September 25 each year.

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