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Disease Name:Asthma
Alternate Names:-
Virus Name:Asthma is caused by environmental and genetic factors, which can influence how severe asthma is and how well it responds to medication. Some environmental and genetic factors have been confirmed by further research, while others have not been.
Treatment:Perhaps the most important step in controlling asthma is establishing a partnership between doctor and patient (whether child or adult) to create a specific, customized plan for proactively monitoring and managing symptoms. It is essential to be certain that someone who has asthma understands (and takes an active part in deciding) what needs to be accomplished, including reducing exposure to allergens, taking medical tests to assess the severity of symptoms, and possibly using medications. The treatment plan should be written down, consulted at every visit, and adjusted according to changes in symptoms.
Description:Asthma is a predisposition to chronic irritation of the lungs in which the airways (bronchi) are reversibly narrowed. Asthma affects 7% of the population, and 300 million worldwide. During asthma attacks (exacerbations of asthma), the smooth muscle cells in the bronchi constrict, and the airways become inflamed and swollen. Breathing becomes difficult, and asthma causes 4,000 deaths a year in the U.S. Attacks can be banned by avoiding triggering factors and by drug treatment. Drugs are used for acute attacks, commonly inhaled beta-2 agonists.

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