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Disease Name:Apert syndrome
Apert syndrome
Alternate Names:Alpert's syndrome
Virus Name:Acrocephalosyndactyly might be an autosomal dominant disorder. Males and females are affected equally; however research is yet to decide an exact cause. Nonetheless, almost all cases are sporadic, telling fresh mutations or environmental insult to the genome. The offspring of a parent with Apert syndrome has a 50% chance of inheriting the condition. In 1995, A.O.M. Wilkie published a paper showing evidence that acrocephalosyndactyly is caused by a defect on the fibroblast growth factor receptor
Treatment:Surgery is required to prevent the closing of the coronal sutures from damaging brain development. Combined orthodontic and orthognathic surgery can help relieve some facial deformities, such as the flat or concave face. In particular, the LeFort III, a surgical procedure, detaches the midface from the rest of the skull in order to reposition it in the correct plane. Aggressive surgery is needed to separate as many fingers and toes as possible.
Description:Apert syndrome is a type of acrocephalosyndactyly, a congenital disorder characterized by malformations of the skull, face, hands and feet. It is classified as a branchial arch syndrome, affect the first branchial arch, the precursor of the maxilla and mandible. Disturbances in the development of the branchial arches in fetal development create lasting and widespread effects.

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