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Disease Name:Anophthalmia
Alternate Names:Anophthalmos
Virus Name:Anophthalmia and microphthalmia may occur secondary to the arrest of development of the eye at various stages of growth of the optic vesicle. It is vital to recognize microphthalmia because the development of the orbital region, as well as the lids and fornices, is dependent on the existence of a normal-sized eye in utero. Anophthalmia is sometimes a clinical characteristic of Trisomy 13 which is a Gross Chromosomal Abnormality
Treatment:Early treatment with a variety of expanders or surgery, when necessary, will help decrease the orbital asymmetry and cosmetic deformities in these children.
Description:Anophthalmia, also known as anophthalmos is the congenital absence of one or both eyes

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