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Disease Name:Adenoid cystic carcinoma
Adenoid cystic carcinoma
Alternate Names:It is also referred to as adenocyst, malignant cylindroma, adenocystic, adenoidcystic, ACC, AdCC.
Virus Name:The cancer rooted by this new cancer gene is called adenoid cystic carcinoma and is a slow-growing but deadly form of cancer. The newly discovered cancer gene is what is known as a fusion gene, created when two healthy genes join together as a result of a chromosome change. The research group can now show that the gene is found in 100% of these tumors, which means that a genetic test can easily be used to make a correct diagnosis.
Treatment:Primary treatment for this cancer, regardless of body site, is surgical exclusion with clean margins. This surgery can prove challenging in the head and neck region due to this tumour's propensity spread along nerve tracts. Adjuvant or palliative radiotherapy is commonly given following surgery. In some cases surgery is not an reasonable option, however radiation used unaccompanied may provide an effective treatment. Neutron therapy has been shown to be superior for some types of cancer as well as adenoid cystic carcinoma of the head and neck. Chemotherapy is used for metastatic disease.
Description:Adenoid cystic cancer (AdCC) is a rare type of cancer that can exist in many dissimilar body sites. It most often occurs in the areas of the head and neck, in exacting the salivary glands; but has also been reported in the breast, lacrimal gland of the eye, lung, brain, bartholin gland, trachea, and the paranasal sinuses. It is sometimes referred to as adenocyst, malignant cylindroma, adenocystic, adenoidcystic, ACC, AdCC. It is the second most common malignant salivary gland tumor overall (after mucoepidermoid carcinoma). It represents 28% of malignant submandibular gland tumors, making it the single most ordinary malignant salivary gland tumor in this region. Patients may survive for years with metastases because this tumor is generally well-differentiated and slow growing. There is a 70% chance of existing five years, which drops to 20% for 20 years, reflecting deaths from late-occurring metastatic disease.

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