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Disease Name:Acute respiratory distress syndrome
Acute respiratory distress syndrome
Alternate Names:Respiratory distress syndrome
Virus Name:ARDS (Acute respiratory distress syndrome) can be caused by any major swelling (inflammation) or injury to the lung. Some common causes include: breathing vomit into the lungs (aspiration), Inhaling chemicals, Pneumonia, Septic shock, Trauma.
Treatment:Acute respiratory distress syndrome is regularly treated with mechanical ventilation in the Intensive Care Unit. Ventilation is usually delivered through oro-tracheal intubation, or tracheostomy whenever prolonged ventilation (≥2 weeks) is deemed predictable. The possibilities of non-invasive ventilation are restricted to the very early period of the disease or, better, to prevention in individuals at risk for the increase of the disease (atypical pneumonias, pulmonary contusion, major surgery patients).
Description:Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), also known as respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) or adult respiratory distress syndrome (in contrast with IRDS) is a serious reaction to various forms of injuries to the lung. ARDS is a severe lung disease caused by a variety of direct and indirect issues. It is characterized by inflammation of the lung parenchyma leading to impaired gas exchange with concomitant systemic release of inflammatory mediators causing inflammation, hypoxemia and frequently resulting in multiple organ failure. This condition is often fatal, usually requiring mechanical ventilation and admission to an intensive care unit. A less severe form is called acute lung injury .

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