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Disease Name:Acute renal failure
Acute renal failure
Alternate Names:Acute kidney failure
Virus Name:The acute kidney injury is commonly categorized into prerenal, intrinsic, and postrenal. Acute kidney failure in common are caused by dehydration, drop in blood pressure from injury, narrowing of blood vessels, heart attack, heart failure, kidney stone, liver failure.
Treatment:Acute renal failure may be reversible if treated punctually and appropriately. Resuscitation to normotension and a regular cardiac output is key. The main interventions are monitoring fluid intake and output as closely as possible; inclusion of a urinary catheter is useful for monitoring urine output as well as relieving possible bladder outlet obstruction, such as with an enlarged prostate. In the absence of fluid overload, administering intravenous fluids is characteristically the first step to improve renal function.
Description:Acute renal failure (ARF), also known as acute kidney failure or acute kidney injury, is a rapid loss of renal function due to damage to the kidneys, resultant in retention of nitrogenous (urea and creatinine) and non-nitrogenous waste products that are usually excreted by the kidney. Depending on the harshness and duration of the renal dysfunction, this accumulation is accompanied by metabolic disturbances, such as metabolic acidosis (acidification of the blood) and hyperkalaemia (elevated potassium levels), changes in body fluid balance, and effects on many other organ systems. It can be characterised by oliguria or anuria (decrease or cessation of urine production), although nonoliguric ARF may occur. It is a life-threatening medical emergency.

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