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Disease Name:Acute pancreatitis
Acute pancreatitis
Alternate Names:Acute pancreatic necrosis
Virus Name:Acute pancreatitis is mostly caused by gallstones or heavy alcohol use. Other causes include medications, infections, trauma, metabolic disorders, and surgery. In about 10% to 15% of people with acute pancreatitis, the cause is unknown.
Treatment:Originally it was thought that analgesia should not be provided by morphine because it may cause spasm of the sphincter of Oddi and worsen the pain, so the drug of choice was meperidine. However, due to lack of efficacy and risk of toxicity of meperidine, more recent studies have found morphine the analgesic of choice. Meperidine may still be used by some practitioners in more minor cases, or where morphine is contraindicated.
Description:Acute pancreatitis is a sudden irritation of the pancreas. Depending on its severity, it can have harsh complications and high mortality despite treatment. While mild cases are often successfully treated with conservative procedures, such as NPO (nil by mouth or NBM) and IV fluid rehydration, severe cases may need admission to the ICU or even surgery (often requiring more than one intervention) to deal with complications of the disease process.

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