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Combination with alcohol and medicines can be harmful. Alcohol, like some medicine, will make you to sleepy, dozy, or faint.
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Disease Name:Acute articular rheumatism
Acute articular rheumatism
Alternate Names:Rheumatic disorder
Virus Name:Rheumatic fever is a disease that causes irritation in various tissues throughout the body. Rheumatic fever is not caused by the existence of the bacteria in the affected tissues. Instead, the bacteria appear to trigger an autoimmune reaction in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks its own tissues. Joint inflammation occurs, but does not cause crippling effects. Rheumatic fever is a disease that causes irritation in various tissues throughout the body. Rheumatic fever is not ca
Treatment:A enormous number of traditional herbal remedies were recommended for "rheumatism". Modern drugs, both conventional and complementary, recognises that the different rheumatic disorders have different causes (and several of them have numerous causes) and need different kinds of treatment.
Description:Rheumatism or rheumatic disorder is a non-specific term for medical problems affect the joints and connective tissue. The study of, and healing interventions in, such disorders is called rheumatology

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