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Disease Name:Acrocyanosis
Alternate Names:Pernio or Chilblains
Virus Name:The sympathetic nerves cause restriction or spasms in the peripheral blood vessels that supply blood to the extremities. The spasms are a contraction of the muscles in the walls of the blood vessels. The contraction decreases the internal diameter of the blood vessels, thereby decreasing the amount of blood flow through the affected area. The spasms occur on a persistent basis, resulting in long term reduction of blood supply to the hands and feet. Sufficient blood still passes through the blood
Treatment:There is no standard medical or surgical action for acrocyanosis, and treatment, other than comfort and avoidance of cold, is usually unnecessary. The patient is reassured that no serious sickness is present.
Description:Acrocyanosis refers to a persistent blue or cyanotic discoloration of the digits, most usually occurring in the hands although also occurring in the face and feet as well. The standard form of acrocyanosis is that of a benign cosmetic condition, sometimes caused by a relatively benign neurohormonal disorder

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